Thursday, February 26, 2015

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  1. The design of Mendeleev is not the table. Lanthanides and actinides must be in vertical columns, but not "Home" at the bottom of the two horizontal lines, according to its construction. Properly constructed the periodic structure should look like: the top part can be left unchanged, but the lanthanides must be placed in a vertical column of 14 elements by lanthanum, below the horizontal line of 18 items, and then again under the actinium 14 elements in the vertical and horizontal line again. On the table is not like. How many open items and they follow each other with increasing charge on the unit in accordance with the rules of the van der Broek. Any gaps in the periodic table is not. Hence the periodic law is part of a general physical law. Read the physical table of elements. Regarding the periodic law and the chemical properties of the Mendeleev absolutely right. But, as it turned out, the table can be built in different ways and we have to prove that the human is a way to build. To cut my version only need to measure the charge of the nucleus of an atom of platinum or even lead, ie repeat experiments Chadwick. Reports on my version of the table and asked for the measurement of the charge of the atomic nuclei behind hafnium, but no one answers, no Unipac nor Japanese nor the Germans, nor the Americans, nor ours. Meanwhile, at the opening of the new elements is not determined by any number of protons or electrons or neutrons.